paperplane fragrence

brand identity | creative direction

Photo by Allison Abruscato
Talent by Kessy Sambou
Talent by Flora Medina
Talent by Jasmine Raquel
Wish upon a memory with Paperplane Frangrance.
Nostalgia is a full body experience—and this perfume is about reliving the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Their style note on the bottle, Memory in a fragrance, draws on sentimental emotions. Wishing upon a memory is about chasing after nostalgia, and catching these moments as if time stands still. The talent run and play and wait for night so they can catch memories as if they are falling stars.

Memory smells like twin sets of floral ribbons on our window seal, spiking hot chocolate with mint tea, mukbang at night, every night, since the night we moved in, flowers in pasta jars, iced water in pasta jars, tide pods and tea bags in pasta jars, chocolate in a metal jar, pastel highlighters on a terracotta dipped paddle, baby’s breath and identical lace socks.

Paperplane sells perfume, yes, but they also sell a lifestyle. From its visually charged photos of friends caught in the whirlwind of joy and girlhood and experiencing the things that make us fond of the past to the soft color palette full of whimsy, Wish Upon a Memory invites its viewers to embrace nostalgia.