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The world’s largest student-led motion design conference.

After fifteen years of using the same descriptions, I updated the CoMotion inductionary statements, giving the event a brand new voice.

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@scadmanor Poor Things is impossibly beautiful, and impossible to ignore.
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Words by Bri Shufford
Graphic by Reem Hinedi
Animation by Danna Macias

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@scadmanor Internet aesthetics meet their end in "The Death of Core Culture."
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Words by Bri Shufford
Graphic by Fai McCurdy
Animation by Aanvik Singh

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Complete with a $40 GoDaddy sponsored name and crude humor, Fashion Brand Company’s Penelope Gazin designs for a good laugh’s sake. Oh, and they also make clothes for lizards.

The draw of Fashion Brand Company is its absurdity and the nonchalance with which it asks you to make fun of yourself, or turn yourself into the joke. This series of promotional material seeks to capture the odd, deprecating, and personal voice by taking the worst of Gazin’s captions (which, affectionately, means the best) and recreating the brand’s horrendous (positive) personality through original copy (it’s the lizard one).