Fantasia Amidst SCAD’s 2023 Senior Fashion Collection

editorial production | creative direction

Produced by Bri Shufford and Caroline Tetlow
Film Direction and Editing by Annie Cater
Motion Design by Danna Macias
Photo by Abigail Wornock
Film Assist by Julianna Elam

Design often begins with a dream, an idea, an ideology. To participate in couture is to share the novelty of clothing’s ability to tell a story.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I oversaw all published visual and written fashion content for The Manor, SCAD’s premeire fashion publication. Our collaboration with a select group of fashion design seniors was my first large scale undertaking in the role. The Manor curated eight of our favorite collections from the Class of 2023 Senior Fashion Designers in a highlight to celebrate the physicality of their stories. From statements about current world events, to family memoirs, to fun celebrations, these seniors have poured their creativity into these year long projects.

from fantasia to dimensions

Graphics by Reem Hinedi
Animation by Danna Macias
Following the coverage of our curated list of designers, I made my way to Atlanta to attend SCAD’s Senior Fashion Show.  The annual event returned to the runway last year. Gone were the days of digital runways built together by pre-planned video and coding 0’s and 1’s—save for, of course, the virtual streaming that allowed everyone to view the show live in tandem with the guests on ground. Return to the Runaway set a precedent, and the thing about revivals, returns, and renaissances is that expectations always rise. Last year gave us a spectacle, so it’s only natural to expect a performance.